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QHow long do the cartridges REALLY Last?

A: Speaking from personal experience…we have found that a a 20 a day smoker might get through between 3 and 5 cartridges a day (depending on model being used). Obviously lighter smokers will use fewer cartridges than heavier smokers. This is an honest evaluation. Many other retailers quote that a single cartridge was the same as 20 cigarettes. SImply not true! We don’t want you to be dissapointed with your purchase.

Classical e-cigarette cartridges (also name pen style e-cigarette) contains most e-liquid, it equals to 20 normal cigarette.

DSE 901 cartridge is the second position, equals to 13 normal cigarette.

Super mini e-cigarette cartridge is least, equals to 7 normal cigarettes.

But, in fact, e-pipe cartridge lasts longest.


Q: When do I have to replace a cartridge?

A: You should replace the cartridge when the vapor released by your Toprol E-Cigarette reduces. This is usually an indication that the nicotine in the cartridge is running out.


Q: How much nicotine is in each cartridge?

A: There are four levels of nicotine strength in cartridges: High, Medium, Low and Zero. The level of nicotine varies from 24mg - 0mg per cartridge.

High: 24mg, Medium: 18mg, Low: 12mg


Q:  What are the ingredients in e-liquid?

A: eCig cartridges contain nicotine (in levels of high, medium, low and no nicotine), propylene glycol, tobacco flavoring, and other flavoring ingredients.  These cartridges come in various flavors and nicotine levels to satisfy the needs of a variety of smokers. Propylene glycol is a water-based ingredient found in many health products and medicines. None of the ingredients in the cartridges have been found to be carcinogenic.


Q: How long does each battery last?

A: Toprol eCig batteries will last as long as it takes a user to smoke two cartridges, on average. The indicator light tip will blink 30 times for about 9 seconds when the battery is getting low on power. With the starter kit, you are getting 2 batteries, so you can always have one charged, while using the other. We encourage you to carry with you an extra, charged battery.

Charge a new battery initially for about 3 hours. Subsequent recharges should take about 2 hours. A battery can be recharged in excess of 300 times before reaching its useful life.


Q: Are there other things I should know before using the Toprol Products?

A: Yes. Please read the instructions you receive with your order carefully.

Important to remember is that you should never use the Electronic Cigarette or Cigar with an empty cartridge. Please change the cartridge in time.

Give the wick(the protruding part from the atomizer) a few minutes to absorb some of the nicotine solution before you use it, this is important.

Always place the battery in the charger before plugging in the charger.


Q: How do I extend the life of the atomizer? 

A: It is time to replace the cartridge as soon as the taste starts to become less desirable or full.

This indicates that the fluid in the cartridge is running low. It is extremely important to not use the e-cigarette if the cartridge is becoming dry enough so that you do not see much smoke. Otherwise the result will be damaging to your atomizer by causing it to overheat. Following this notice properly will extend the life of the atomizer greatly.


Q: Why a e-smoker had better have 2-3 atomizer?

A: Often hear of complaint that somebody’s e-cigarette battery works bad. Not much smoke,  inhale difficultly, sometime good, sometime not good, and so on different problem.

In some case, it is indeed the battery’s problem. especially when you suck the battery from the joint side with atomizer, but the led of battery fails to turn red. But, if not in this case, I mean led still works. generally, the battery is good. So, in this case, you need try another atomizer to match battery. just as looking for a new partner. Screwing new atomizer and bad battery you thought together, inhale peacefully and long, open you mouth, you may see so much smoke.


Q: Can anyone use the Toprol E-Cigarette?

A: No, the Toprol E-Cigarette is intended for use only by adults smokers only and it is not intended to be used by pregnant women and those that are sensitive to nicotine.


Q: Are all repairs free of charge?

A: All products that are still within their warranty period will be repaired free of charge. Costs for returning the products to us have to be paid by you. Costs for sending the products back to you are at our expense. In case of unfounded complaints, $ 25 will be charged as research expenses.


Q: My Toprol Cigarette is working less than it did at first. What can I do about this?

A: Over time the electronic cigarette can get somewhat dirty. Take the cigarette apart and carefully clean all parts with a tissue.


Q: Why does it cut out sometimes?

A: If you inhale for more than 5 seconds the device might cut out and you may not be able to use it for 2 minutes, this is a safety mechanism, so you do not inhale too much nicotine, however, this is very unlikely, if it does cut out, just leave the device for 2 minutes then try again.


Q: Why am I not getting much vapor?

A: There are a few possible reasons:

    There is not enough nicotine solution making it to the heating coil.

    Solution: drop the nicotine straight onto the heating coil under the wick.

    You are not taking long enough drags.  Solution: Inhale longer

    You are holding the vapor in too long, vapour is more easliy absorbed by the lungs.

    The battery may be running low and there is not enough power to heat the coil to the correct temperature 

    Solution: A charged battery


Q: The first time I tried my new E-cigarette I got a funny taste, why ?

A: To protect the atomizer the first time it's used, it has been primed with a nicotine liquid which doesn't taste of much, and doesn't produce any vapor. Please allow a few minutes of puffing, before the real taste from your new cartridge is in the atomizer system.


Q: I have a question not asked on this page?

A: Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.


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